"Unparalleled in every way. The Sunset Run is truly unique!"
James B.
“Not like the others, and I've done them all....”
Albert Y.
“What a day - Just an incredible experience!
Belle D.
"Rachael knows how to put on an event."
Alex M.
"Absolutely fantastic! Money can't buy experience!"
Ben A.
What a day! Such a great time.”
Andy P.
“Can’t wait for the next one.”
Ange R.
"A day of elegance, camaraderie, and supercars."
Will H.
“More than a car rally…this is an experience!”
Linda S.

Welcome to
The Sunset Run.

Welcome to Australia’s most exclusive automotive and lifestyle experience for supercar owners and automotive enthusiasts. More than a supercar rally, The Sunset Run showcases the finest food, entertainment, lifestyle, and driving experiences. This all-inclusive event is designed to cater to men and women, drivers and passengers alike, with all profits supporting deserving charities.

Join us for a supercar experience like no other.

Whether you’re looking for a quick exhilarating experience or a luxurious extended adventure, meet like-minded enthusiasts in an exclusive setting with the Sunset Run. Choose from our Sunrise Sprints for a thrilling half day option, or register for the Sunset Run Invitational, Australia’s most exclusive 1-2 day supercar and lifestyle experiences.

Our Events.


The Sunrise Sprint


Introducing the Sunrise Sprint – an exclusive half-day supercar drive designed for those seeking a quick dose of luxury and adrenaline. Begin your day with a gourmet breakfast at a luxurious location, followed by an exhilarating drive with fellow supercar enthusiasts. Conclude the day with an exclusive VIP lunch.

The Sunset Run


The pinnacle of automotive luxury. The Sunset Run is Australia’s most exclusive invitation-only charity supercar and lifestyle event, spanning 2 days of unparalleled driving and lifestyle indulgence.

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